I have read and heard so many times over the years about ways to help to keep a grateful heart and this has always been a big deal to me but with the craziness of life and little ones my days all seem to blur together sometimes.

I would LOVE to be able to keep a current journal but for me journaling is catching up on 10 pages worth of writing once every 6 months! It’s so crazy how time slips away from us that quickly.  So for me I started a while back writing in my journal just one thing every day that I could see the Lord’s hand in. They ended up being the most random things and things that some people may think were pure luck, but on the days that I am going a million miles an hour and have kids throwing tantrums every which way and poopy diapers up the whazoo, I DEFINITELY see me going to the grocery store and finding the very last carton of my favorite chocolate almond milk sitting ever so nicely in the way way back behind the regular almond milk a blessing from my Heavenly Father and proof that he is looking out for me.

Its those little things that really make such a difference to me and the more I write and strive to find those things in my days the more they seem to happen, but in all reality I think I am just recognizing them more because my mind is open to them. At the end of the day when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything or that nothing went as planned it is a great exercise for me to really ponder how I was watched over that day. It helps me to see that I am loved and cared about.

There have been many times where being a mom for me has been so lonely, when my kids act like they hate me and I’m the worst thing in the world, my husband is out of town and my friends all have lives of their own. When daily tasks just seem daunting and never ending and I get very down on myself for not being the “perfect” mother or wife, it’s truly amazing to have a heart of gratitude in those moments and it changes all that I am feeling and shows me that I am never alone.

Gratitude is seriously such an amazing feeling. And the more grateful I am for things the more I seem to notice more things to be grateful for. I love how a grateful heart creates more gratitude. It is just so cool!

**Things I am grateful for today**

1.)I have been really working on slimming down, especially after this last baby and today when I went to the gym every treadmill was being used, so I walked over to talk to my hubby all while thinking how it was so lame that I came to the gym on a Saturday morning because there is no point because of how busy everything was in there and then when I came back there was one that had opened up and I was able to get a great run in.

2.)All 3 of my kids took naps today at the same time and I was able to catch a short nap too!

Check out this link below for an awesome talk all about gratitude! After I heard this is gave me such a better outlook on having a grateful heart!



2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I loooove this! This topic makes my heart sing. Gratitude, to me is the precursor to all other virtues. You are inspiring me Randi to keep a journal/blog for my grandkids to capture essence of me this way! Your hubby and kiddos are so blessed;)

  2. Great thoughts! I am a member as well and strive to find miracles in my day-to-day life. I enjoy reflecting on just all the small tender mercies that God gives me each day. They can be small. This week my life was spared from an accident because my class went over and I was taking my time walking home after. God is truly great 🙂

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