Boogie Board


Have you ever had a child who LOVES to color? I mean coloring could be his/her absolute favorite thing to do? Where you as the mom, puts a bucket of crayons and markers out on the kitchen table with a big stack of paper and no matter the time of day you find her there? OR you find her in her room, in your car, in the bathroom, with beautiful, colorful, unique masterpieces all over everything BUT the paper.

Well… my oldest who is now 5 years old seriously cannot contain herself for her love of coloring. I can’t count the number of times me or my hubby has taken her colors away b/c she has decided to color on something other than the paper. I at first thought it was just a phase but I was wrong, very wrong. She has colored on her body, her bed, the walls, the furniture, the whole backseat of my car, the floor, her toys, the windows, literally you name is and she has colored on it…multiple times even. In fact its funny b/c just today we were taking out our JENGA game (one of my favorites) and stacking the blocks and I found her name written on many of the blocks and I have no idea when this occurred.

With this little “situation” we have here in our household, I hate taking away something that I know she really loves, so I have found a few solutions. One which is amazing but somewhat turns expensive especially if they like to color a lot, and that is the Crayola Color Wonder markers and books. I actually love them too. The markers don’t color on anything but the special paper, but they do dry out somewhat quickly and are a little pricey if you are buying often. They also offer other Color Wonder products that I’m sure are great too for your little artists!

The most recent thing I have discovered though is the Boogie Board. This thing is amazing for the little ones and so light and durable that you can bring it anywhere with you! It was around $25 on Amazon which I thought was a major deal, given I needed a stress free solution for my “situation”. If you haven’t already, check these things out! They would be great for me as a mom too for all the lists I love to make!

**what I’m grateful for today…

familiar friendly strangers. I go to the same few grocery stores all the time. my routine usually consists of going to the gym, then for the sake of saving myself another trip of loading all the kids into the car I stop at a few places on the way home from the gym. This is something I usually regret b/c its close to lunch time and all of us end up being cranky and hungry, but a few days ago I was in the grocery store and this little sarcastic old man started talking to my kids who were at the time throwing fits. He distracted them long enough for me to hurry and get the rest of my produce and then he ended up being in line behind us too when checking out. At the time I didn’t think much of it but this man is definitely someone I would love to sit down and have a glass of cold lemonade and a good conversation and laugh with. After distracting my kids he yelled out “where’s the corn?!” And i’m assuming he is a regular familiar face there. I walked away chuckling and thinking to myself how much I have a special spot in my heart for elderly people. So… fast forward a few days…I was in the same grocery store, standing in exactly the same spot, getting exactly the same thing (yummy fresh peaches) and this little man walks in and starts talking to my kids once again. He asks them “Hey kid! don’t I know you?” then he realized he really did recognize us. We made a few little comments back and forth and I left the store once again with a smile on my face. This man probably has no idea that his friendly, outgoing nature has made my day now twice. It makes me want to be more friendly to those around me. I now feel like I have a new friend and will definitely be immediately happy if I ever run into this man again.



One thought on “Boogie Board

  1. You are the best mommy I know! Thanks for being so thoughtful and finding creative ways to let your little children being so creative!
    You’re also calling me to repentance. Today I saw someone in a store that I think needed me to say hi and I pulled back and so I’m going to start heeding my impulses/promptings more to treat people with A more gracious heart! Thanks!

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