Love is in the air


Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together. In the past years we have always done summer sales for work and our anniversary (if I was out with him) was basically the only day he would take off in the summer. We would have a friend watch the kids and we would go do some fun activity such as shopping, pedicure, massage, etc and then go out to dinner. It has always been a day I really look forward to especially for the type of work he has done. It was nice to have that day together. Well this year being in a different job we were still able to keep the tradition alive. He took the day off and we had some awesome friends who were able to watch the kids while we went and walked around some little shops and then went out for a wonderful dinner.

photo 3
(my two handsome dates)

This year I had 2 dates. One being my handsome hubby and the other being my 6 month old baby boy. He was such a little trooper and just tagged along with us. During our dinner at this romantic restaurant, the night started out with the little guy making farting/spitting sounds non stop (he just learned how to do this) and I couldn’t keep from laughing, b/c yes I am immature that way and I just couldn’t get over all these people trying to enjoy their dinner and listening to those sounds.

Then about half way into the appetizers and breads the clouds had covered and we were sitting outside and I felt a splash and drips on me, and the hubby said “Oh, it must be rain.” I looked around and saw nothing and felt nothing else, and then looked over at him and realized we had just been freaking POOPED on! HA! Seriously?! Not a tree around and not a bird in site and we were literally about 2 feet from the inside door, so what were the chances? I guess pretty good knowing my history of getting pooped on by birds! I have to say I really am not fond of birds and I believe it stems back from getting pooped on as a kid in my grandparents hay loft in their barn by a pigeon and then also my cousin had pet birds and I was deathly afraid of those things swooping at my head and clawing my shoulders while walking around. Still sends shivers up my spine! Poop in my hair, on my clothes and on my forehead was really not the “spice” I was looking for! 🙂 But thankfully the baby was with b/c I had baby wipes to help clean up! So all was good from then on out.

photo 2
(the gorgeous view from our table)


Its fun for me to reflect on the past years and to see how far we have came and all the things that have changed, including the changes in myself. I love how marriage can truly mold a person and each year the changes are significant–hopefully for the better 😉 My hubby is such a great example to me in so many ways. I am so grateful that I can be with this man for eternity!
photo 1

As we were driving, I had an idea that I brought up to him and we decided that we are going to plan one thing each anniversary year to do with just the two of us. Kind of a bucket list type plan. And on our anniversary we will choose for the following year. Almost as a tribute or a rekindling thing thats just for the two of us! This year I think we mutually decided we are going to plan to make a trip back to Taiwan to go see where he served his church mission for 2 years. I am so excited b/c I have always wanted to go and see all the cool things I have heard him talk about.

photo 4
(sunset drive home)


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